Tuesday , October 24 2017
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Ben Rhodes not happy with Trump’s missile strike

Former deputy national security adviser Ben Rhodes


April 08, 2017

President Obama’s former deputy national security adviser Ben Rhodes indicated Saturday that he isn’t very happy with President Trump’s decision to hit a Syrian air base with missiles.

Trump’s missile strike, which was retaliation for Syria’s use of chemical weapons, drew instant comparisons to Obama, who warned the U.S. would act if Syria used chemical weapons.

Obama did nothing after Syria crossed that “red line” of Obama’s, and many said Trump was the one to finally enforce Obama’s ultimatum years later.

But in an early Saturday morning tweet, Rhodes suggested that Trump’s strike was only aimed at boosting his press coverage, and seemed to warn reporters against helping him achieve this.

“We should never suggest that bombing another country is a simple way to generate a positive domestic press narrative,” he tweeted.

In that tweet was a link to a New York Magazine story accusing Trump of making decisions based on how the press will cover it.

Rhodes also tweeted a Washington Post story that said the press “loved” Trump’s attack.

“Stop and consider the incentives being created for future military action with a president like Trump,” he wrote.

Rhodes then criticized Trump for not providing any clarification about how the strike advances any strategy.

Rhodes himself has gotten in trouble for using the press to advance Obama’s agenda. Rhodes admitted in a New York Times magazine interview that he helped create an “echo chamber” to help sell the Iran nuclear deal, and said inexperienced reporters also helped him sell it.