Tuesday , October 17 2017
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Democrats focus on destroying Trump nominees

President Trump stands with his pick for Education Secretary Betsy DeVos.

February 05, 2017 | Arthur Seaton

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer,(D-NY.) refers to Trump’s Cabinet picks as a “swamp Cabinet” that is “full of bankers of billionaires.” “Many of them have hard-right views, some of which directly contradict promises that the President-elect campaigned on,” he told reporters. Schumer says Trump’s picks all have conflicts of interest and need more scrutiny.

A few of the reasons Schumer won’t admit are reasons for wanting to delay or reject Trump’s Cabinet choices are (1) the Democrats’ candidate, Hillary Clinton didn’t win the White House, (2) Schumer wanted to be majority leader and he’s not, and (3) the nominees are all richer and much more successful than he ever will be.

Depending on what day it is, Schumer concocts a reason to delay or reject a nominee no matter who that nominee is, and is orchestrating the delaying tactics out of spite. So far, only four of Trump’s cabinet picks have been confirmed. Former President Obama had eleven cabinet nominees confirmed by this time in his first administration.

Many of the nominees aren’t professional politicians either. That means that they’re not part of the “good old boy” system, meaning there won’t be any “you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours” deals.

Democrats are especially upset with the nomination of Michigan billionaire Betsy DeVos to be the next Education Secretary. The National Education Association(NEA) and education establishment oppose DeVos because of her support of charter and private schools. She has been working for higher standards in education for 30 years, highlighting the problems in public schools and tirelessly working to improve them. They see her as a threat to the status quo.

Since the NEA is one of the Democrat Party’s core donor organizations, Schumer is desperately fighting to derail her nomination, going so far as to have senators speak on the senate floor for 24 hours in a last ditch attempt at swaying a Republican to vote against her.

According to Schumer and his fellow travelers in the Democrat Party, they should be able to dictate who is nominated, and who they answer to. Schumer also demands they each have the right “ideology” Schumer wants in a cabinet secretary. In other words, he wants someone in the mold of the left-wing Democrat establishment. He knows he won’t get it, but as long as he can slow down the process, the happier he makes his donors in the establishment and the money will keep flowing, no matter the consequences to the American people.