Wednesday , September 20 2017 US


Keith Ablow: Free therapy because Trump won?

December 15, 2016 According to the New York Post, Mayor Bill de Blasio is creating a citywide safe space for New York City’s municipal workers and offering them psychotherapy sessions to deal with the results of the presidential election. Taken …

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Dems’ dangerous denial

December 14, 2016 A good confidence man knows that his marks will do most of the work for him – if you just give them a chance. People want to believe. And desperate people want desperately to believe, grasping at …

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Disgrace under pressure

Democrats have never known how to lose gracefully December 13, 2016 A month after the surprise election of Donald Trump in November (surprising to noone more than to Trump and Clinton), the losers are still working through the stages of …

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How a free press became fake

December 11, 2016 Ask Hillary Clinton about fake news and she’ll call it a danger, an epidemic and a threat to our communities. If the defeated Democrat was being honest, though, she’d also describe it as a political asset. Clinton …

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