Monday , September 25 2017 US

Schumer doubts Trump will follow through on hopeful speech

Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) is obsessed with how much money Trump’s cabinet members have.


March 01, 2017

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said pundits praising President Trump’s speech to Congress Tuesday night have a low bar for success and he has no confidence Trump’s lofty words will match his actions.

Speaking on CNN, Schumer said Trump’s speeches aren’t great examples of his actual policy goals. He said when Trump is speaking, he’s a populist and tries to fire up working people, but when he’s behind closed doors he becomes a far-right protectionist insulated by billionaires and bankers. Schumer seems to be obsessed with the money Trump’s cabinet members have because he is constantly talking about it.

“This president’s speeches matter a lot less than the speeches of just about any other president because they’re divorced from his actions,” Schumer said. “His speeches have a shelf life, they go away. It’s his actions. They favor the hard, hard right.”

He pointed to reports that came out of a meeting between news anchors and Trump Tuesday afternoon where Trump reportedly indicated to the reporters that he would be open to giving legal status to illegal immigrants who haven’t committed serious crimes. While Trump’s quoted remarks in that story weren’t specific, Schumer said nonetheless that Trump in public seemed to only promote a more hardline stance on immigration.

Schumer said Trump hasn’t given Democrats anything to work together on, and at this point calls for Democrats to work with Republicans are misguided.

While Schumer and other Democrats have indicated they’re willing to work with Trump on an infrastructure plan or immigration reform, he said they’ve yet to receive any kind of policy details from the White House. And, at this point, they have no reason to trust whether Trump means what he says, Schumer said.

 “We’re waiting. He has not reached out to us once. He doesn’t have any plan that seems to move working America forward. We’re waiting,” he said.