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Senate Democrats don’t know how to act like adults

February 02, 2017 | by Arthur Seaton

Like a child who sticks their finger in their ears and yells ‘la la la’ over and over again because they don’t want to be told they have to take responsibility for their actions, so too are Democrats when they hide in their office under their desk because they don’t want to vote for any of President Trump’s Cabinet nominees.

On Tuesday, Democrats refused to attend the Senate Finance Committee hearing because there was going to be a vote on sending Treasury Secretary nominee Steve Mnuchin and Health and Human Services nominee Rep. Tom Price,(R-Ga.) to the full Senate for confirmation votes. Committee rules state that at least one Democrat must be present in order to vote on a nominee.

Republicans on the committee blasted the move as an unprecedented “dereliction of duty” and a partisan jab that would damage comity in the Senate.

“It’s hard for me to understand this,” said committee chairman Sen. Orrin Hatch(R-Ut.). “These are two really fine men. Both are sacrificing financially and otherwise to serve the country.”

Wednesday was more of the same. Democrats hiding under their desks, refusing to attend.

This time however, Sen. Hatch changed the rules, allowed a vote to proceed without Democrats present. Both Mnuchin and Price were approved 14-0, and sent to the Senate for confirmation votes on both men.

Environmental Protection Agency nominee Scott Pruitt, the attorney general of Oklahoma was also scheduled for a committee confirmation vote Wednesday, but Sen. John Barrasso,(R-Wyo.), chairman of the Environment and Public Works Committee, told reporters that there wouldn’t be any Democrats in attendance.

Barrasso called the Democrats’ boycott “political theater.” Pruitt’s hearing “was historic in its length of time for member questions to the nominee,” he said. “Attorney General Pruitt has answered more question than any EPA nominee in recent memory. … The minority may not like all of Attorney General Pruitt’s answers, but he’s given them answers.” Pruitt has answered an unprecedented 1200-plus questions from the committee.

Ranking Democrat Sen. Tom Carper,(D-Del.) sent out an open letter complaining, “Democrats on the committee are deeply concerned about the lack of thoroughness of Mr. Pruitt’s responses to our questions for the record. I share their concern.” What Carper was basically saying was that the answers Pruitt gave weren’t the answers Democrats on the committee wanted. Just more childish behavior from politicians who can’t face reality and realize they lost the election.

On Thursday morning, Barrasso noted that once again, Democrats felt the need to boycott the hearing. Taking the lead of Sen. Hatch, Barrasso changed the rules and called for a vote without the “children”(My definition) present. Pruitt was approved 11-0 and his nomination goes to the full Senate for confirmation.

Every Senate confirmation hearing that’s taken place has been plagued by angry Democrats acting like spoiled little kids. They’ve given nominees questionnaires with over one hundred questions, many having already being answered in committee. Some have dozens of sub-questions going back 25 years. Final remarks that normally take 5 minutes are turned into rambling 30-45 minutes speeches. The stalling and childish behavior is reckless and causing irreparable harm to the way the Senatorial system is supposed to operate.

Some signs like this one were being held just feet away from young children.

For his part, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer,(D-NY.) has been guiding his members in obstructing the democratic process to satisfy the party’s base, which consists of protesters and rioters who believe they have the right to destroy private property and carry signs with vulgar language on them because their candidate lost the election. Of course, they feel emboldened when leaders in the Democrat Party show their support by staying quiet and not condemning the behavior.

The Democrat Party’s support among normal American’s is shrinking. When the party’s presidential nominee gives a speech saying she’s going to put people out of work, force those people who have a religious objection to gay marriage to accept it, or instead of trying to sway supporters of her opponent to vote for her, calling them”deplorable,” those things don’t result in more votes or support, not for Democrats anyway.

When Democrats give their passive support to violence against supporters of the opposition, or act like complete idiots in the U.S. Senate because their candidate didn’t win, and those actions hurt the U.S.’s standing in the world, or refuse to seat Cabinet members who’s position directly affects the daily lives of ordinary Americans, logic says that support for the Democrat Party is going to continue evaporating.

  • The left can’t come to grips with reality.