Wednesday , September 20 2017 US

The Left has come unhinged since Trump’s win

Millenials need to get a grip. Stop whinging and crying and complaining how unfair life is because Hillary Clinton lost the election to Donald Trump

January 08, 2017 | by Arthur Seaton

Sen. Chuck Schumer,(D-NY.) undoubtedly went to bed on Nov. 8 just knowing that when he woke up on Nov. 9, he would be the incoming Senate Majority Leader, and that he’d be working with President-elect Hillary Clinton. Unfortunately for him, it didn’t quite go the way he thought.

And like every presidential election, Hollywood “celebrities” threatened to leave the country if Donald Trump won. Moving companies waited with baited breath for the phones to start ringing. The silence was deafening. Not one of the self-absorbed crybabies followed up on their threats. Just more hot air from a bunch of people who think too much of themselves.

Since the election, the Left has suffered a complete meltdown and the stupid season, which always seems to happen when a Republican wins the White House, was in full swing, and the effort to delegitimize the election began.

It’s the “outdated” Electoral College’s fault one day, the Russians another and white racists voted Trump into office the next. Some Democrats have actually called for impeaching Trump, and he hasn’t even taken office yet!

In remarks to the press, Schumer cited the fact that thousands of workers are losing their jobs and thousands of jobs are going overseas every week, in an attempt to blame Trump for the loss of jobs.  Apparently nobody told him that Barack Obama is still president until Jan.20, so the fault for the exit of jobs lies with Obama, not Trump.

Around the country, leftists are rioting and looting but calling their actions a “protest.” Liberal colleges are sponsoring “cry-ins” and bringing in “comfort-dogs” to soothe the “pain” of students who didn’t get their way.

Green Party candidate Jill Stein, with blessings from Hillary Clinton, sued for recounts in three states: Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. In Wisconsin, Trump got 131 more votes after the recount and Michigan and Pennsylvania shut down the recount effort. There were death threats against electors who voted for Trump. The idiocy goes on and on.

And it’s not going to stop there. The hearings for Trump’s Cabinet nominees are starting and Democrats are dusting off the same accusations they’ve used for decades: “racist, sexist, homophobe,” etc. You get the picture. It must be embarrassing to be a leftist right now. Nah, they don’t feel shame.