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To destroy Trump, Democrats sacrifice national security

Trump signs revised travel ban order


March 10, 2017 | by Arthur Seaton

As soon as President Trump signed his revised executive order banning travel from 6 Middle East countries for 90 days, Democrats were in front of the camera’s proclaiming it was still a “Muslim ban,” no different than the first. Of course it’s doubtful that any of them bothered to read the order before making the claim.

Their comrades in the mainstream media made sure to note that the countries affected by the ban were all Muslim-majority, adding to Democrats’ narrative that Trump is anti-Muslim. Neither Democrats nor the media bothered to point out that 43 majority Muslim countries aren’t part of the travel ban. Facts don’t matter. Neither does reality. It’s the seriousness of the charge.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck E. Schumer,(NY.) inadvertently showed his true colors when he said the ban “still doesn’t do the things that would actually make us safer like going after lone wolves and closing the loopholes in the visa waiver program.”

“The new executive order is still mean-spirited, misguided and in my judgment goes against what America is all about.”

Schumer should have known the reason for the temporary ban is to strengthen the vetting process to keep out lone wolves and close the loopholes. Schumer doesn’t care, Trump signed it so he’s against it. Democrats and their comrades in the media are counting on the American people not knowing the reason for the travel ban.

The Left is livid over their losses in the 2016 election. Their hatred for President Trump is all consuming and dangerous to the welfare of the country. They are willing to bring our whole system of government down to see him fail.

Democrats are rounding up liberal states Attorney Generals to sue to stop the executive order from going into affect. The media are doing what they can to spread the claim that Trump is “anti-Muslim,” they don’t need or want proof that he is, as long as the leftist narrative is advanced.

Accusations of bigotry and racism are what the left uses to label someone who doesn’t follow their world view. They are more than willing to let a terror attack happen if it advances their agenda of destroying Trump.