Tuesday , October 17 2017
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Trump: “Why are there so many illegal leaks coming out of Washington?”

National Security Adviser Mike Flynn resigned Monday night


February 14, 2017

President Trump took a shot at the people who told reporters about former national security adviser Mike Flynn’s communications with the Russian ambassador about sanctions after Flynn resigned Monday.

“The real story here is why are there so many illegal leaks coming out of Washington? Will these leaks be happening as I deal on N.Korea etc?” Trump tweeted.

Questions are being raised about what Trump knew about Flynn’s conversations with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak in December, before Trump took office. Reports indicate transcripts of the calls showed Flynn may have indicated to Kislyak that the administration could ease President Obama’s sanctions on his country once Trump took office.

Flynn told Vice President Mike Pence he never talked about sanctions with Kislyak and that the conversation was more genial. Pence then went on national TV news shows and repeated that statement.

More reports soon followed showing the phone calls were recorded as a part of normal monitoring of Kislyak’s communications and Flynn had possibly lied to Pence. White House counselor Kellyanne Conway said Tuesday that Flynn suddenly could not recall exactly what he said to Kislyak and Flynn wrote in his resignation letter he “inadvertently” lied to Pence.

Reports indicate the White House was told in January that Flynn hadn’t been honest about his conversations with Kislyak.